Ineichen auction house experts are very passionate about fine watches. We have been specializing in such well-established brands as Breguet, A.Lange & Söhne, Patek Philippe, Rolex and Vacheron Constantin for 45 years.
A watch appraisal takes a different kind of expertise than jewellery valuation, both in terms of valuation process and factors considered. For your watch appraisal you will need a team of experts who know the watch market and can help you get the best market value possible.
Fast estimate.
As a leading Swiss auctioneer since 1973, we'll offer you the best way to sell your watch with a maximum benefit.
Do not hesitate to contact us for a noncommittal, free of charge verbal estimate in view of a possible later sale at one of our bi-annual auctions.
High-end luxury brands are world-renowned for their quality, that's why demand for such timepieces is very strong. The addition of the original box and paperwork also helps increase the value of your timepiece. The value greatly depends on the material the watch is made of, watch condition, whether it's a limited edition or not, vintage or modern, pre-owned or brand new.
We check the case
The specialist looks at the screws on the watchcase to see if the watch has been opened. If this is the case, it will be recorded in the documents.
Scratches and defects are professionally repaired by our experts.
We inspect the glass and bracelet
If scratches and cracks on the glass cannot be polished, the scratched glass is replaced by a new one. If the bracelet is worn, our specialist will look for a new one and replace the old one.
We check the accuracy of the gear
The expert measures the accuracy of the clock's movement using a timegrapher. If the accuracy does not work according to the data, the watch is disassembled by the specialist and the defect is removed.
We check documents
If necessary, we create documents for watches and find the appropriate boxes.
* For written expertise or estimates for insurance purposes we will charge you a fee according to the time spent, a fee that will be reimbursed upon delivery of these objects to one of our auctions.