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Since we are the final buyer– the deal is guaranteed as soon as the contract is signed
We guarantee that your watch will be estimated at the market average based on transparent criteria
There is no commission, and we cover all the costs that arise through the process
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Fair pricing
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Over 50 watch supply channels allow us to find your perfect watch for trade-in in no time even if it's not in our stock
Professional selection
If you are not sure about your perfect trade-in option, our experts will create a selection based on your desires and budget
Variety of options
Trade up or trade down, for a brand new or used watch, between all brands and models
Our team of experts
Watchmaker and Watch expert
Michel Roth
" The sheer art incorporated in the watches lets you directly feel the the period when the piece was made "

Watch Expert and CEO
Artemy Lechbinskiy
" Despite the watches' function to show time, they support our love for precise mechanics and respect for manual labour "

Watchmaker and Sales Associate
Felix Bausch
" What motivates me about my job is the history behind watches, the complexity of the mechanisms, and the design incoporated within "

Senior Vice President
Marco Gava
" The modern salesperson of today must be very well trained to address the concerns of today's customers "

What are the advantages of selling with Ineichen Zurich?
We successfully trade watches since 1973, working hard on the quality of service, having over 50 sales channels, which allows us to buy watches without lowering price.

As a buyer we are responsible and work only with contacts, which guarantees that we fulfil all the obligations in terms of timely and fair payments.

Our managers closely work with you to make sure that the process is transparent and clear at all the stages.

Is the service completely free? Any commission?
Yes. Since we are the buyer of your item, we do not charge you any additional commissions.
Who will estimate my watch?
Our team of experts. However, if desired you can attract a side expert for price confirmation at your own expense. From our side, we offer to provide detailed explanation and data-based backup documentation to confirm the fairness of our estimation.
What watches can I sell? Brands, models, and conditions?
There is no limitation for the brand, condition, presence of documents of origin, or packaging for the watches we accept. The case for each watch is considered individually. The true value and worthiness of sale for each watch will be known right after the initial estimation!
How and when will I get a quote?
An initial quote is usually created within 48 hours depending on the availability of experts. It will be delivered to you via e-mail with a supporting notice in a phone call if required.
How can I receive the payment?
The payment equal to price stated in the contract of sale will be transferred to your bank account within 3 workdays.
When and how will I receive a new watch in case of trade-in?
It can be delivered to your address via a delivery service of your choice or collected in our office.
What guarantees do I have in case I do not get paid in time?
If the delay is due to Ineichen Auctioneers, we take full responsibility to repay you with premium calculated individually based on the contract of sale. Otherwise, we are not responsible for delays due to banking system and other intermediaries.
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